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Promin is an ideal ready-to-use ‘all inclusive’ solution. We are here to free you from all the complications of a website creating and updating.

The set includes a free domain, hosting, the world’s simplest and natural CMS and great design of the world-class professionals.

Simple and Easy

Lose bulky CMSs. You don’t need to know html coding or, OMG, programming to make a photo gallery or write a blog article. No additional software or FTP-client. Everything builds on a cloud at your desktop, text files, photos and folders. There is nothing simpler than that. Without any coding.

Great Design

We provide you with great free design templates made for various aims. Contemporary minimalistic design. Sound typography. Outstanding color schemes. It looks awesome on any device from desktop and tablet to a mobile.

Absolute Mobility

All the design we offer uses the most modern technologies and looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It is enough, though, for your visitors only. And now you can post to your blog or update your site via virtually any device at hand.

Be First to Try out the Beta

We created Promin for ourselves and our friends and made a lot of projects with it.
However, it is only now that we decided to shape Promin into a service and share it with the world.

Please, leave your email and we will let you know
when we launch into public access.

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